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The Wrath of God

Addressing any doubts about the importance to humanity of a righteousness from God, revealed in the gospel (1:17), Romans 1:18-32 sees Paul begin to explain humanity’s problem. Righteousness from God is revealed because God is angry at man’s unrighteousness. And…

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The Power of God

If there are certain people we’re hesitant to share the gospel with, it’s probably helpful to ask why. Is it because we’re worried they’d ridicule us? Is it because – on some level – we don’t think the gospel is…

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Psalm 2

As our culture grows increasingly hostile towards Christianity, as Christian teachers are sacked, and as Christians around the world are attacked and killed, where is God? On Sunday, in our guest sermon on Psalm 2, we saw the answer: God…

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Jonah 4

Last Sunday we concluded our series in Jonah, seeing Jonah’s reaction to God’s mercy. In this rather uncomfortable final chapter, Jonah exposes our hearts by exposing his own: he sees God’s staggering mercy and grace towards guilty Nineveh, and he…

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