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A Single Saviour

Mark 8:11-30

What would it take for someone you know to become a Christian? Perhaps if you could explain the gospel to them really clearly, then they might. Perhaps if you could show them some irrefutable evidence for the resurrection. Perhaps if you had a knock-down philosophical argument. Perhaps if you could perform a miracle, then they’d repent and believe.

We heard on Sunday however than the problem with humanity runs much, much deeper. It’s lack of evidence that keeps people from believing. It’s blindness. Humanity is hopelessly blind – the disciples show us this in Mark’s gospel. They’ve had more evidence than anyone but they still don’t understand. And although we might think otherwise, we ourselves would have been no different.

That is until Jesus intervenes. Jesus is the Christ – the long-awaited, blind-eyes-opening, new-exodus-bringing Christ! He is able to lift the judgment of blindness from hopeless humanity, and restore our sight. He, and he alone, can do this. He is the single saviour for a hopeless humanity. He meets our deepest need.

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