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Exodus 20-23

Over the last two Sundays in Exodus 20-23 we’ve been looking at the laws God gave on Mount Sinai – the laws describing how he, the God of awesome, unapproachable holiness, would have his people live. And we’ve thought about these laws – firstly the Ten Commandments – in three different ways:

Like an MRI scan, the law shows us our problem and leads us to the treatment. We see our sin in how we fail to live up to God’s standard, so we turn to Jesus in repentance and faith, trusting in grace alone for our salvation.

Like an instruction manual the law teaches us how, then, to live, as God’s forgiven people with his help.

And at the same time the law shows us what God is like – how he cares about relationship with his people, he is wonderfully compassionate, and he values justice.

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