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Gospel Turnaround!

Colossians 1:21-23

After seeing the incredible vision of who Jesus is (1:15-20) we looked at verses vv.21-23 today in our “Core Team” meeting.
Three headings:
PAST – We were alienated. Utterly cut off from God, with hostile minds against him. This naturally leads on to our evil deeds.
PRESENT – We are reconciled. By Jesus’ substitutionary death, we enjoy reconciliation – the exact opposite of alienation.
FUTURE – We will be presented perfect. To be “presented” is sacrificial language from the Old Testament. Remarkably, on the last Great Day, we will be presented to Jesus. But we will be without defects of any kind.

What a turnaround! In the session we looked at why “having a God-shaped hole” is such a bad and incomplete presentation of the gospel, despite being a popular Christian phrase.

Lastly we considered how to persevere as Christians in Christ, v.23, which is all about being established by the same gospel they first heard.

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