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James 1:1-18

On Sunday we heard a hugely counter-cultural truth from James: trials are good for us. They’re used by our perfect God, to strengthen us and make us perfect – to grow in us a ‘battle-hardened’ steadfastness. Therefore James says we’re to “count it all joy” (v2) when we face trials.

But that’s a big ask! How can we do this? How can we count it joy when we face all kinds of terrible pain and suffering in life?

James doesn’t diminish the pain we might feel, but his answer is that we need wisdom from God to see trials rightly. And the great promise (v5-8) is that whoever asks wholeheartedly for wisdom will be given it. Let’s pray for this wisdom to see trials rightly, as our good God uses them – even the hardest circumstances we might face – for our good.

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