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James 5:1-12

What is our survival strategy in the Christian life?

From James’ letter so far we remember God’s jealousy, we remember his promises of grace, and we humbly recognise our place under him, but in this passage James adds another key part to the strategy: Remember Jesus’ return.

If Jesus isn’t coming back then the dishonest rich (V1-6) are to be envied; they’ve laid up treasure, and they live in luxury and self-indulgence. But Jesus is coming back; we are living in the last days (V3), God knows their sin (V4), and so terrible misery is coming upon them (V1). They are not to be envied!

Rather the oppressed Christian is to be patient (V7-12), following the example of the prophets, and wait for Jesus’ coming when justice will be done. Awareness of the Lord’s coming is the key to endurance.

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