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James 5:13-20

The issue of single-minded devotion to a jealous God has kept cropping up in James, and here James gives a final instruction to his readers: pray!

He tells them to pray in all situations: in suffering, in joy, and when a brother is sick. Sickness here is probably a metaphor for a spiritual condition – double-mindedness – with confession and prayer as the means of restoration to a close walk with God. This, then, leads to his final statement on the importance of bringing back a wanderer.

So isn’t this a wonderful incentive to pray? It may be that we need to come back from our drifting and return to God in prayer. Or maybe we could be involved in this wonderful work of praying for each other – especially those who are wandering. Are we doing this regularly?

Prayer is wonderfully exciting and important because prayer is the means of restoration to the Lord for the double-minded.

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