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James 1:16-27

How does the double-minded person approach God's word? James is clear that God’s word is the way we become Christian (v18) and the way we continue as Christians (v21), and so listening is hugely important. But listening alone isn’t the…

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James 1:1-18

On Sunday we heard a hugely counter-cultural truth from James: trials are good for us. They’re used by our perfect God, to strengthen us and make us perfect - to grow in us a 'battle-hardened' steadfastness. Therefore James says we’re…

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Mark 4:21-34

Here is a passage full of encouragement when Jesus’ manifesto for kingdom growth from 4:1-20 – scattering the word on all different types of soil – might seem weak or ineffective. Jesus’ three parables in 4:21-34 have three exciting and…

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Mark 4:1-20

What would be your manifesto for church growth - your winning strategy to build up God’s people? Maybe we’d centre our manifesto on miracles, or political reform, or even military force. But Jesus’ manifesto focusses on something quite surprising: his…

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Acts 1:12-14

After Jesus ascended, his disciples gathered in an upper room – this group of people who had abandoned Jesus, denied him, doubted that he was really risen – and they prayed. Maybe they prayed for forgiveness. Maybe they asked for…

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Acts 1:4-11

In Acts 1:8 Jesus gives the apostles a huge task: “to be [his] witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” before his return – what an enormous task! And then after…

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