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1 Thessalonians 4:9-5:13

After seeing, from various passages in the second of our sermons on the end times, what Christians’ resurrection bodies will be like when Jesus returns – physical bodies, superior to our earthly bodies – we took great encouragement from 1…

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Mark 13

The first Sunday of 2019 was also the first in our two-part series on the end times, as we looked at Mark 13. The details of this passage are notoriously difficult, but the implication in verses 32-37 is clear: stay…

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James 5:13-20

The issue of single-minded devotion to a jealous God has kept cropping up in James, and here James gives a final instruction to his readers: pray! He tells them to pray in all situations: in suffering, in joy, and when…

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James 5:1-12

What is our survival strategy in the Christian life? From James’ letter so far we remember God’s jealousy, we remember his promises of grace, and we humbly recognise our place under him, but in this passage James adds another key…

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James 4:11-17

If the problem in James 4:1-10 was the combination of a jealous God with an adulterous people, and the wonderful solution was God’s grace for those who humble themselves before him, then in 4:11-17 James fleshes this out with two…

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James 4:1-10

“The LORD your God in your midst is a jealous God” – Deuteronomy 6:15 I wonder how those words make us feel. Is jealousy an attribute we easily associate with God, when human jealousy is so often sinful and destructive?…

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