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My hope is built on …

In Romans 2:17-29 Paul continues in his goal of cutting off all of the escape routes, leaving every human without excuse before God. This time, his focus is on those Jews who trust in their religious heritage. They enjoyed unique and wonderful privileges, but they were still disobedient. They trusted in the sign of circumcision, but were condemned for their hypocrisy.

When might we, like these Jews, trust in labels – in a particular religious heritage? When might we base our assurance on the type of churches we’ve been involved with, the Christian leaders we know, the books we’ve read, the camps we go on, or on having a Christian spouse or parents?

As good as these things are, none of them can save. Jew and Gentile alike are condemned by their works, and saved only by the great gospel of Jesus.

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness” – Edward Mote (1834)

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