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Psalm 2

As our culture grows increasingly hostile towards Christianity, as Christian teachers are sacked, and as Christians around the world are attacked and killed, where is God?

On Sunday, in our guest sermon on Psalm 2, we saw the answer: God is totally in control, and his king Jesus is on the throne of the universe.

In verses 1-3 we see the whole world rise up against God, seeking to break his rule over them – a rule they see as cruel and repressive – and God’s response is striking: he laughs (verse 4). God is the supreme ruler who cannot be ousted; rebellion is ridiculous, and it invokes God’s fury (verse 5). In response God’s anointed – his King enthroned on Zion, ruler of everything – will destroy them (verses 6-9). God is completely in control, however dire the situation may look for Christians.

The Psalm closes not with gloating, though, but with an urgent appeal to all people – the very people rising in rebellion against God – to fall down before King Jesus in reverence. Those who do this will find refuge from him, in him (verses 10-12). God’s judgement is real, but there really is a way out, through God’s amazing grace, for anyone who will accept it. What a motivation for us, to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into God’s mission to the whole world.

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