Sermon title:
Bible Reference: Chapter:
Title Passage Date Speaker
Longing for The King Judges 19-21
15/12/2019Carl Bicknell
Longing for a king Judges 17-18
08/12/2019Chris Brown
Samson's Death Judges 16
01/12/2019Carl Bicknell
Samson's Birth and Marriage Riddle Judges 13-14
17/11/2019Carl Bicknell
Jephthah Judges 10:1-12:7
10/11/2019Carl Bicknell
Jotham and Abimelech Judges 8:33-9:57
03/11/2019Chris Brown
Guidance Talk 1 Ephesians 1:1-14
08/09/2019Joe Ruaux
Guidance Talk 2 Proverbs 6:20-7:27
15/09/2019Carl Bicknell
Our Big God Isaiah 6
22/09/2019Ilho Choi
- Judges 7-9
28/10/2019Chris Brown