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Sunday Meeting 12/07

Hi everyone,

We are aiming to meet in person tomorrow! (Sunday 12 July) This is really exciting – we know that as Christians we need to meet together as church family to encourage one another and speak the truth in love to each other. It’s been great to be able to do that on zoom, but to do it in person is much better! Surely we will appreciate it more having been unable to do so for so long.

For those who can’t meet with us in person, the sermon will be available to listen to at You can listen to the talk at 4pm – and then head to Zoom afterwards as usual.

For those who can meet – we really want to be obedient to the authorities under God, and we particularly want to set a good example to others for the sake of the gospel (it would be a great shame if the gospel was brought into disrepute because people saw us as being careless and unloving towards our neighbours!)

 With that in mind:

We will be meeting outside on the Downs at 1pm for lunch, 2pm for the church meeting – see gallery above for the location

We will sit 2 metres apart in groups of up to 6 people (more than 6 is allowed if there are no more than two households)

Each group of 6 will sit 3 metres apart from the next group

Please try, within reason, not to socialise with others outside your group of 6

We won’t be singing together – we will have a Bible reading, a sermon and some time to pray together in our groups of six.

Please bring:

Your own Bible

Your own lunch (to eat, not to share!)

Hand sanitiser

Something to sit on (a rug, a mat, a plastic bag, a garden chair…)

Face coverings are optional – we will have some spares if you’d feel more comfortable wearing one


Please get in touch if you have any questions. If you need a lift to the downs, we can arrange that too.

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